Enjoying the Journey

Conducting An Effective Youth Rally

The youth rally is not the entire youth ministry, but it is a component part. Like summer camp or Vacation Bible School it serves as an emphasis on the things you are trying to teach young people every week. Most people believe that if you have pizza, interesting props, and prizes to give away you have all this is needed for a good youth rally. There should be much more! I am in youth rallies frequently and have seen many rallies done well and a few that were not as effective as they could have been. Here are a few suggestions… Determine the purpose of the youth rally. What are you rallying them to? Determine the destination early. Is it…

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Dealing with “Down Time”

Down times can often be down times.  Activity, or lack of it, has a great deal of effect on our emotions.  The closing days of a year are a very reflective time for most people.  Holidays mark the end of yet another year.  Life is passing quickly. The danger in all of this, of course, is that it is easy to get our eyes on our circumstances, on ourselves, and off of the Lord.  Remember that it is an all-wise God who designed the seasons, every season with its purpose.  This season is an interval to rest and be renewed for the days ahead. As I grow older I appreciate more the “down times.”  They are necessary before the next…

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5 Lessons I Have Learned About Leading Special Events

Events are not everything; life is made up of many ordinary days.  Yet special events are simply a way of emphasizing what is important.  We have just returned from our annual Christmas Mission to New York City with the Crown College Choir.  God blessed in an unusual way.  It is my joy to be involved in many of our conferences and events throughout the year.  Every month is an adventure and every event is an education. Coordinating special events is very different from attending them.  Nothing just “happens.”  Big events are made up of little details and every good thing requires work. Reflecting on so many special events over the last few months, I have come to understand several truths……

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