Enjoying the Journey

Today Is The Day!

I am not discouraged. Yes, I have watched the news in recent days and have been saddened by the state of affairs in our nation. But God’s people should not be in despair! At the darkest moments in history the Lord has brought the greatest spiritual breakthroughs. We may very well be standing on the verge of a revival in our generation. People are desperate. Hearts are hurting. The best plans and ideas have failed. And that is exactly where we have to come to if we expect to see God at work. The end of us is the beginning of Him. God’s army can only advance on its knees, and this is the time for sincere believers to get…

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An Announcement I Am Excited To Share

America is in desperate need of revival. Our nation needs the healing that only God’s holy presence can bring. But great awakenings never begin as national movements – they begin as personal meetings with God. Spiritual awakenings come when God’s people connect their prayers to God’s purpose. I am frequently asked when I plan to write a book. Through the years I have learned that speaking and writing are very different! Pastor Sexton gave me two pieces of advice early on: begin with small writing projects and don’t publish anything until you are 40. Wise counsel. I began nine years ago writing short articles on our Enjoying the Journey blog. Now, at 43 years of age, I am burdened to…

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