Enjoying the Journey

3 Things To Remember At The End of This Year

The end of the year is often a reflective time. Dr. Frank Sells, one of my favorite Bible teachers, used to warn us of becoming “morbidly introspective.” If our reflection concentrates on us it is likely to become pretty discouraging! Our failures. Our burdens. Our disappointments. The right reflection will cause us to look to the Lord, to consider His goodness and His faithfulness. A few days ago God directed my attention to a lesser known passage written by Moses. (There was a man who knew something by experience about transitions!) The children of Israel stood at the brink of a new season, on the verge of all God had for them, when he said, “But the land, whither ye…

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Reflecting On Another Year of God’s Goodness

My elders were right when they said the years go faster as you get older.  I am sitting here this morning reflecting on another year of God’s goodness in my life.  The Lord has been so gracious to me.  My heart is full as I think about the wonderful heritage I have been handed through godly parents.  I am even grateful for my sister. (That is when you know you are officially old!)   Thirty-one years ago the Lord Jesus saved me as a five year old boy.  What an adventure I have been on ever since!  I am overwhelmed as I think of how God called me to be a preacher and began to prepare me for that work.…

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