Enjoying the Journey

What to Do When You Are Tired

We all get tired.  Even the Lord Jesus in His perfect humanity experienced weariness.  (Read more about that here.)  The best of men in the greatest of works battle fatigue.  Take Elijah for example.  No, not the prophet calling down fire from heaven.  Not the man enjoying God’s provision by the brook Cherith.  Not the minister raising the widow woman’s son.  Look at him depleted and desperate in 1 Kings 19.  Body overworked.  Nerves on edge.  Just tired. God’s preacher had just experienced one of the most amazing victories in history.  Mount Carmel would forever be a point of reference. Disillusionment often comes just after great blessing. He travels many miles to Beersheba and then another full day’s walk into…

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Dealing with the “Noise” of Life

Ours is a noisy world.  Growing up in the country there were certain noises you grew accustomed to.  Crickets chirping at night.  Birds singing in the trees.  The sound of gunfire during hunting season.  And at times – quiet.  Beautiful quiet. I remember one of the first trips I ever made to New York City.  The sights, smells, and sounds of city life accost you at every turn!  You go to sleep to the sound of traffic and horns and awaken to more of the same. Country people don’t particularly like the sounds of the city.  City people have a hard time with the sounds (or lack thereof!) in the country.  We all grow comfortable to some degree of noise.…

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