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As We Begin Our 5th Year In Evangelism

An Open Letter to Friends from Scott Pauley

Life is not a series of endings, it is a series of new beginnings. Five years ago we finished a season of ministry at a wonderful church and college, and began the gospel and revival work that God has given us. Now, we stand at the end of our fourth year and the beginning of another year of ministry. I am more excited than ever about what the Lord has called us to do! As we begin our 5th year in evangelism here are 5 of the greatest truths God is teaching me: The Bible is enough. God’s Word speaks to the deepest need of every heart. The Scriptures are all-sufficient in every place, every day. I can testify that…

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GUEST POST: America This Week

This week we witnessed a majority of the House of Representatives vote in favor of impeachment of the President. For months we have heard the most opprobrious language hurled back and forth between leaders. What is next? Our tremendous United States Constitution states: “The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.” (Article 1, Section 3, Clause 6) However, even with the power of our political leaders, plus our government agencies with their manifold programs, they…

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Absentee Christian Citizens

Over the last few days it has been my privilege to be on conference calls with a number of pastors from across the country. We have prayed together that somehow, by God’s grace, the Lord would send another spiritual awakening to our land. I believe 2020 will be a pivotal year for our nation and, more than ever, we need divine intervention! While I do not believe that the answer lies in politicians and government, I am convinced that God’s people must take their place as Christian citizens. Our country needs salt and light, grace and truth. Yet many believers are content to be spectators instead of participants. They are absent when they are needed most. Our friend, Chad Connelly,…

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Today Is The Deadline!

We are so excited about the Conference On Revival And Evangelism (CORE) , January 7-9, 2020. This is a powerful way to begin a new year of ministry. The theme is VISION 2020, and the emphasis is on a renewed vision of God, a vision for souls, revival, and the local church. Today is the deadline for early registration. On November 1 the registration fee increases. If you are planning to join us I would like to encourage you to go to now and register. The meeting is being hosted by Pastor Tim Rabon and the wonderful people at Beacon Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC. I am excited about the opportunity to speak with Evangelist Tom Farrell, Evangelist John…

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The Hard Thing In Revival

We are in the season of the year that many churches hold revival meetings. I have been in many of them over the last few weeks. Whether they are truly revival or not is another issue, but it is what we pray for – a spiritual awakening among God’s people, fresh life breathed into the church of the Living God. It is my conviction that the most important times in a revival meeting are not the days of the meeting themselves. Rather, it is the weeks leading up to the meeting and the days coming out of the meeting. It is in the weeks leading up to a special meeting that spiritual preparation is made which will determine the fruitfulness…

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Welcome to Spring!

That’s right. No matter where you are or how cold it is, today is officially the first day of spring! The first of warmer, brighter days ahead…we hope. The seasons of nature are an amazing illustration of the seasons of spiritual life. Sometimes we all go through “winter” of the soul. Coldness comes. Darkness descends. Life seems to withdraw into hiding. But that is never the end of the story! Spring is coming. This is what revival is all about – life coming again. It was always there. The living sap flowing through the seemingly dead trees, waiting for the right conditions to draw it out. Does this sound like your soul? Divine sap, the living flow, the person of…

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Help Us Pray!

This afternoon I am helping to conduct a prayer rally in the Akron-Canton, Ohio area. This meeting with churches from around the region is for one purpose: to set ourselves right with God and to seek God’s face for revival and the advancement of the gospel. Will you help us pray? Today’s prayer meeting is part of preparation for the God Bless America Rally that will be conducted here in Stark County, Ohio on May 1-4, 2019. I look forward to being back to preach in that meeting. But I am convinced that the preaching is in vain without the praying. The first meeting in the book of Acts was a prayer meeting, and all of the preaching and all…

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A Divided Nation

Tonight I have the privilege of preaching in the opening meeting of America’s Christian Youth Congress in Knoxville, Tennessee. This is more than a patriotic meeting – it is a meeting for prayer. The only hope of America, the only hope of any nation, is the mercy of God. In recent days we have all watched the national news and the deterioration of political debate into an outright spirit of anarchy. We are a divided nation. And only One person brings true unity. There will always be difference of opinion. One beautiful characteristic of our republic is the defense of individual liberty. We defend the privilege of others to disagree with us. True freedom defends the right of people to…

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An Opportunity to Invest in the Gospel

Not all investments are good ones! Investing in the gospel is always a wise investment. Today I am traveling to preach the Word of God. Continually I am reminded that many people who I will not see (some who I do not even know) are investing in the work God has called us to do through their prayers and support. How wonderful to labor together in the gospel! We are all called to participate in the work of Christ. It is every believer’s privilege to invest in the salvation of souls and the glory of God. There are specific things that we may give: We are to give the truth. People are only born again through the life-giving power of the…

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Our March Itinerary and Family Update

The Lord has been so faithful to us in the opening weeks of this year. Thank you for your continued prayers. I closed out a missions revival in Florida last night and am flying home this morning. We added a local meeting tonight and details on that service may be found at Below you will find our scheduled meetings for the coming month. Please ask the Lord to give us a touch of revival in each place. The hymn writer expressed it well, “Mercy drops round us are falling, but for the showers we plead!” Friday, March 2, Regional Teen Talent Contest – First Baptist Church, Milford, OH, Pastor Bill Duttry Sunday-Tuesday, March 4-6, Family Conference – Liberty Baptist Church,…

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