Enjoying the Journey

5 Books to Read on Finances

This week we sat around the dinner table with our children and had a most interesting conversation about finances. The discussion was not just about our finances but about theirs. Each of our kids are now at the age and stage in life where they are beginning to make serious decisions about saving and spending. I enjoyed sharing with them some lessons that my parents taught me about the vital importance of paying the tithe and being a giver. For a Christian this is where it all begins. Only as we remember where our money comes from and why it is placed in our hands can we make right decisions about what to do with it. The Bible principle at…

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No Substitute For Time

We are fast approaching the season of the year where vast sums of money will be spent on things. More stuff. Newer stuff. Nicer stuff. But, just stuff. It would be good for all of us to take a fresh accounting of true riches. As a boy I heard Adrian Rogers say, “To find out how rich you are, add up everything that money cannot buy and death cannot take away.” The most priceless thing that any of us have is time. Time is the currency of life, and it is limited. Once spent, you never get it back! In many ways every day is like a dollar, meant to be used wisely… Time will be spent. Time can be…

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A Personal Testimony that Taught Me A Powerful Truth

Preachers do not always preach the most powerful sermons. Sometimes church members do. Not long ago I sat in an auditorium as a humble man rose from his seat to share a simple testimony. While he spoke, God spoke to me. I cannot tell you all that he said, or even all that he meant by what he said. But there was that one phrase… It was the kind of phrase that sticks like a barb in the soul – words that stay with you long after the voice that gave them has been forgotten. The soft-spoken man talked of how grateful he was for food and for clothing, for the basic needs of life. And then he said, “I…

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