Enjoying the Journey

5 Books to Read On The Book

There is no book on earth like God’s Book – it is the very Word of the Living God, and every word of it is for us! I love the Bible. This library of 66 books has changed and continues to change my life. We should never allow our reading of good books to substitute for the reading of Scripture. In my study of God’s Word I have come to appreciate a number of helpful resources that deal with the divine revelation, inspiration, preservation, translation, and illumination of Scripture. In uncertain times believers should be certain about the Bible. I recommend these books to you with the hope that they will help to strengthen your own conviction and love for…

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Seven Tips for This Year’s Bible Reading

Like many of you, we are beginning a new Bible reading plan in our home for 2017. I heard a wonderful message just last night on the subject of reading the Word of God. The Scriptures are so wonderful! We may grow stale, but the Lord is perennially fresh! We are instructed in 1 Timothy 4:13 to “give attendance to reading.” Reading the Bible is not the end of what we should do with the Word of God, but it is a good beginning. The simple discipline of reading the Scriptures will do wonders for your heart and home. It will give God the opportunity to speak to you in a personal way. There are a variety of different Bible…

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Why Carry a Bible to Church?

My pastor always begins his Bible messages the same way: “Take the Word of God with me please and turn to…”  It is a beautiful sight to see hundreds of people all opening the Word of God together!  In the average church congregation fewer people are carrying their own copy of the Scriptures to public services.  While it may be because less real preaching and teaching of the Word of God is being done in many places, I suspect that there are other factors at work. “Open the Word of God” today means look at the screen on the wall or open your mobile phone and click on the Bible app.  I am thankful for technology, and the discerning use of…

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