Enjoying the Journey

The Last Few Days and the Days Ahead

My heart is full of the goodness of the Lord to us! Over the last few days it was a privilege to gather with so many pastors and Christian workers in Walkertown, NC. As we planned and prepared for this year’s Southwide Baptist Fellowship none of us knew if it would be possible for friends to actually make it to the meeting. This has been a year where many conferences have been cancelled or forced to move to a virtual format. How thrilling it was to see people come together for a few days of prayer, preaching, and fellowship. Several folks commented how hungry everyone seemed to be just to be with other laborers. It was a reminder to me…

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It’s Prayer Time In America!

Last night I preached in a tent meeting on “It’s Prayer Time In America.” Yes, these are turbulent times, political times, chaotic times, dark times – but, for the people of God, it is prayer time! If ever there was a nation and a generation that needed to seek the Lord it is ours…and it is now.  I am especially excited about the 2020 Southwide Baptist Fellowship. This gathering is simply a time for preachers to hear preaching, encourage one another, and pray together. (View the full schedule of speakers now.) The theme this year is “And When They Had Prayed” from Acts 4:31. Like the early church, the situation today is critical but God is able. Throughout history when…

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