Enjoying the Journey

Help For Life And For Death

He was only 39 years old when he died, but he looked much older. War will do that to a man. His death by human logic was unnecessary and untimely – he was accidentally shot by his own men. Yet Stonewall Jackson would see the providence of God in the details. My travels this week have taken me to the area known as the most bloody region of the Civil War. Not far from where I write these words General Stonewall Jackson, and countless others, were shot at the Battle of Chancellorsville. Jackson’s left arm was amputated, but within eight days he had developed pneumonia. Jackson was carried to a field hospital in Guinea Station, Virginia where he took his…

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“Let me be weighed in an even balance, that God may know mine integrity.”  Job 31:6 Integrity is not a product of environment or natural ability.  Imagine an orphan boy who struggled academically.  He was socially awkward and uncoordinated.  When he spoke it was in a high-pitched voice.  Yet he became a man renowned for his integrity.  It is reported that once in the middle of the night he went to a student that he had offended to ask for forgiveness.  He is known as Stonewall Jackson. What would you expect of a young man whose mother became an adulteress and his father died insane?  He was small for his age, sickly.  All of his life he was accident-prone and…

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