Enjoying the Journey

A Bible Teacher

Most Sunday mornings I am asked to address a combined Sunday School class or spend time with a particular Bible study group. This is always something I enjoy doing and is a little more informal than the preaching services. Recently I began a special meeting on a Sunday morning and the pastor asked if I would be willing to sit in a class with him. “You do not have to speak. I just want you to hear our teacher,” he said. It was one of the most refreshing and encouraging hours I have had in a long time. The Bible teacher had taken an online class with me long ago, but we had never met in person. As I sat…

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Tips for Those Who Teach Teens

One of the great joys of my life is the privilege to speak to young people.  Recently I was listening to one of our youth workers at the Temple Baptist Church as he taught the Word of God to teenagers.  He was doing a great job and the Lord used him.  He is not a preacher, but he is a fine Christian and a faithful teacher. As he spoke, I jotted down several things that the Lord has taught me through the years about  teaching young people.  The most important thing is: teach the Bible!  Not stories.  Not your ideas.  Not hot topics.  The Bible. Do not try to be a youth teacher.  Be a Bible teacher, and God will…

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Thank God for Teachers

Today I had the opportunity to be with a group of the elementary children in our Academy.  What formative years!  As I watched the wonderful teachers that God has given us I was reminded again of the powerful influence a teacher has in the life of a student. It was a kindergarten teacher that led me to Jesus Christ.  A very kind high school teacher made it his business to encourage me when I believed God wanted me to be a preacher.  Teachers are powerful people.  For me, they were divine appointments. Between my elementary and high school years God brought a godly man across my path.  Perhaps because 6th grade is such a critical time, or perhaps just because…

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