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How’s Your “Screen Time”?

Mobile devices and on-demand media have changed our world forever. More specifically, they have changed our families and our lives. Homes no longer revolve around a big screen in the living room, but around little screens in our hand. That is a greater danger now than ever. As we spend less time with people there is a tendency to spend more time engaged with technology. Perhaps you have noticed your “screen time” is up a little lately. Here are a few practical ideas for controlling your technology and your time: Refuse to reach for your device first in the morning. Speak to God and others before you allow your thoughts to be consumed by online interactions and information. Turn your…

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GUEST POST: Virtual Solutions For Local Churches

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Gayle Washington was a fellow-worker for many years in the ministry. Her burden is to help pastors and churches and the Lord is using her. She and her husband, Dave, have been wonderful friends to our family. I am happy to recommend her resources and hope that they may be of help to many local churches. The single most important mission of the local New Testament church is to reach people with the Gospel and help them to know God better.  It’s all about people, yet it is essential to carry out proper daily procedures to keep the work of the Lord decently and in order. Through unconscious preparation, God allowed me the privilege of working for Temple Baptist Church…

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3 Dangers of Technology Overload and What to Do About It

Look around you.  Heads are bowed.  People are quiet.  No, they are not praying.  They are all looking at the device in their hands! The technological advances of the last few years have placed the whole world in the palm of our hand.  And, yet, is it possible that we are actually missing the world that is going on around us?  Plugged in and yet disconnected at the same time! Our iPods, our tablets, our phones, our latest, greatest, “smart” device have become the focus of our attention.  Take a test: go one hour without picking up your phone!  Live a day without checking social media.  We have become so enamored with it all that we have often become distracted…

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Dealing with the “Noise” of Life

Ours is a noisy world.  Growing up in the country there were certain noises you grew accustomed to.  Crickets chirping at night.  Birds singing in the trees.  The sound of gunfire during hunting season.  And at times – quiet.  Beautiful quiet. I remember one of the first trips I ever made to New York City.  The sights, smells, and sounds of city life accost you at every turn!  You go to sleep to the sound of traffic and horns and awaken to more of the same. Country people don’t particularly like the sounds of the city.  City people have a hard time with the sounds (or lack thereof!) in the country.  We all grow comfortable to some degree of noise.…

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