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The Tale of Two Churches

We were in a meeting in a large city, a city known for sizable churches and well known preachers. One afternoon I had the privilege to visit two churches that I have heard about for years. I was not there to speak. In fact, I did not know a soul at either church. I was just a normal visitor off the street. This is what made my visit so very interesting. You see, the churches were different in many respects, but especially in one – the way they received visitors. At the first church a kind lady greeted us in the parking lot, “Park anywhere you like and we will walk in together.” We. Amazing what two letters can convey.…

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10 Ways to Begin Bringing Others to Jesus

Scott Pauley

Have you ever had the joy of sharing Christ with someone and seeing that person come to know the Lord as their personal Savior? There is nothing in this world like it! We know that Jesus said, “ye shall be witnesses unto me” (Acts 1:8). How do we do what Jesus said? Everywhere I go people say to me, “I really want to bring someone to Christ, but I just don’t know where to start.” Let me give you a few ideas that you can put into practice today… Create a soul winning prayer list. Write down the names of those that you know need Christ and commit to pray for them every day. Ask the Lord to use you…

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It Works!

I received a most encouraging phone call yesterday from a man who attended a men’s conference that I was privileged to be in last week. He took part in a training session on witnessing where we challenged men to share their personal testimony with someone over the next seven days. My friend had been praying for a man over the age of eighty for the last three years. Though he has witnessed to him many times, he had never shared his personal story of salvation. A few days ago he went to see the man for whom he had been so burdened. He shared with him how he personally came to know the Lord Jesus Christ. When he finished the…

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Daily Witness (Daily Living – Part 8)

Every day is a gift. Yes, they are a gift from God, but for the discerning Christian they are also a gift to God. The Lord grants us breath, health, and strength. We, in turn, give each day back to Him as a gift of gratitude. The Lord gives life and we are to live each day for His glory. O, how selfish we can become! Our needs. Our wants. Our plans. Our schedules. All the while God is waiting on us to realize that He has a work for us to do. And those around us are waiting too. Every day there are precious souls within reach of our testimony. Lost, wandering people in search of something. Hurting hearts.…

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3 Things You Could Write Today

Writing is work!  It takes time and more mental energy than most tasks.  I am currently reading the biography of Jonathan Edwards.  Edwards was one of the greatest theological minds that America has known, and this is no accident.  His father worked diligently for the education of each of his children.  One of the disciplines that the elder Edwards built into his children’s training was the practice of regular writing.  Correspondence and other compositions were expected on a regular basis. Today’s young people are learning to tweet, post, text, and message…but they are not learning to write.  Some will argue that this is a different day and communication is so much simpler.  The truth remains that writing is connected to…

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Your Countenance Matters

I was walking across the parking lot.  I did not see anyone watching me and was deeply engrossed in some meaningless thought.  Then I heard him say,  “Why are you grimacing?” Grimacing?   Me?  Was I grimacing?  Perhaps, or perhaps my friend could not see my expression well.  Either way we had a good laugh and went our separate directions.  But the question stayed with me. Your countenance matters.  Others are reading our expressions and drawing conclusions.  The conclusions they draw may not reflect poorly on us alone; they may reflect poorly on the God of all joy that resides within us. Yes, your countenance matters.  Ask Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah.  It separated them from everyone else (Daniel 1:13-15).…

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For Christian Young People: You ARE Missing Out!

“A prudent wife is from the Lord.”  This verse means more to me the longer I am married.  Tammy and I were driving along in the car recently.  The kids were strangely quiet in the back seat and we were talking.  About nothing.  About everything. I really don’t remember how we came to the topic but she began to talk about how much she appreciated all that her parents had instilled in her.  They were saved when she was just a little girl and had worked hard to teach her and her siblings that the world held nothing for them.  The scars of sin were not worth the pleasure of sin.  With emotion she said to me, “People without God…

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An Interesting Woman and a Sermon I Needed to Hear

Through the years I have met many interesting people on airplanes.  Everyone has a story and a simple conversation with a stranger can be memorable.  I have tried to pray as I board a flight that God would put me next to the person He wants me to get acquainted with.  Often it has allowed me to minister in some way. This week God put someone next to me to minister to me.  Across the aisle sat a man, a university professor, headed to a wedding.  He was friendly enough but not really interested in talking about spiritual things.  To my right was an Asian woman, headed to a funeral, and intensely interested in discussing Christ. They could not have…

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What’s Your Story?

Everybody has one.  A story that is.  My story is not yours and yours is not mine.  The details vary – except for one thing.  God is the Author.  If you have a story to tell it is really just the story of what the Lord has done for you. Most often we refer to it as our “testimony.”  It is the testimony of how God brought us to Himself and what He is doing with us now.  You see a good testimony is always present tense.  It is not merely the record of an event.  It is the heart’s expression of praise and love for Jesus Christ. Pastor Sexton has taught us for years that your personal testimony is…

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