Enjoying the Journey

The God Of The Thunder

You would have laughed at me. In fact, I laughed at myself. I was sitting on our front porch studying what the Bible has to say about thunder. Suddenly the largest crack of thunder I have ever heard in my life sounded right next to me! Before I was even conscious of what I was doing, I had dropped everything and was standing with both hands in the air looking around. It got my attention to say the least. We have had an inordinate amount of strong thunderstorms this year. They can be frightening and impressive at the same time. But there is more…they make us think about God. Scripture speaks frequently of thunder. There is a theology to thunder.…

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One of Life’s Greatest Questions: Where Is God?

Life is full of questions.  One of the first questions children ask about God is a question that continues into theological discussions of people of all ages. Ask a child, “Where is God?” and you will see them point up.  Heaven!  God is in Heaven.  And so He is.  Almighty God sits on the throne of the universe, ruling the good and overruling the evil.  No matter how bad things may get we must never forget that God has not abdicated His throne. Ask a theologian, “Where is God?” and they will point all around.  He is everywhere.  The God of the Bible is omnipresent – everywhere at the same time.  The Lord is not bound by geography, time, or…

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