Enjoying the Journey

The Next Three Weeks

It has been a great blessing to me personally to meet so many people recently who are listening to Enjoying The Journey each day through the podcast or radio broadcast. God has been gracious to grow the reach of the Bible study over this first year. Many of you have been kind to let us know you are listening. Our most recent episodes have dealt with principles for finding direction and making decisions for life. (If you missed any of these studies you may listen to all of them in our archives.) The next three weeks we will continue this emphasis with a look at my favorite section of the Psalms – Psalms For The Traveler. The Psalms are beloved…

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Another trip.  I am sitting in a hotel room in Fort Worth, Texas tonight.  Tomorrow we host an Open House at Crown Southwest and begin a Regional Youth Congress.  I have no complaints, only gratitude.  Traveling is a privilege and an opportunity to grow.  I learn something on every journey and, with Christ, it is the adventure of a lifetime. Many travels have caused me to realize an aspect of our Lord’s earthly life that I never truly considered.  Jesus Christ was the ultimate Traveler.  For 33 1/2 years He was away from home.  At night He had no place to lay His head.  Scripture tells us that when others went to their own houses Jesus went to the Mount…

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