Enjoying the Journey

Podcast Series For Valentine’s Week

Our world has some mixed up ideas about love! The devil and the flesh always try to pervert what is perfect. Only the God who is love can teach us how to love. God’s love is deep and wide. It is inexhaustible and infinite – because God is. It is greater than our sin. Greater than our conflicts and divisions. Greater than our prejudices and anger. The further we go with the Lord the deeper we enter in to His love. Today we conclude part 1 of our podcast series on the Great Journeys Of the Bible. (If you would like to listen to the first 25 episodes on the journeys of the Old Testament you may access the archive…

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My Wife’s Ministry

My favorite traveling companion is the one that God is allowing me to make this journey through life with. Every place is better with her. Every day brighter. Tammy has been for the last nearly twenty five years my best friend, over twenty one of those as my wife. She is God’s best gift to me outside of Christ. Our first date was at a college Valentine banquet in 1995 and she has been my sweetheart every Valentine’s day since then.  When I travel to meetings without her the people always hear about her. It is easy to talk about the one you love. Sometimes people will ask about my wife’s ministry: Does she like to speak to ladies? How…

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