Enjoying the Journey

Take Your Town For Christ!

Do you love your hometown? Who will reach your town, your Jerusalem for Jesus? Today we meet with pastors from around our region for a time of prayer. This meeting will be held at the convention center where in July 2020 we will be conducting a gospel crusade. The goal is simple – we want to reach our Jerusalem with the truth of Jesus Christ! If each believer and every local congregation could get a vision for souls in their area what a tremendous impact could be made! The Apostle Paul said to a group of people where he had lived for three and a half years, “And how I kept back nothing that was profitable unto you, but have…

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Guest Post: “Reaching Children”

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Twenty five years ago I shared a college dormitory with a friend who would become my brother-in-law. Jason Caldwell and his family have committed themselves to reaching and teaching children for Christ. Their work is being blessed of God and I am happy to share with you the following brief article that he has written on children’s ministry. As we approach the holidays when much is done for children we must never forget that our primary work is to bring boys and girls to Christ. May God raise up an army of children’s workers to reach this generation! Eighty-five percent of all people saved today were saved between the ages of four and fourteen. Therefore, this should be our target…

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Seeing Through The Eyes Of The Blind

It has been my privilege to have several blind friends. As a college student I met a blind young man who had read several times through the Scriptures using his braille Bible. One of my greatest encouragers now is a blind missionary. Indeed, in the words of Fanny Crosby, “I sometimes think that blind people see more than their friends who have the power of vision.” As I flew home from a meeting just a few days ago I had the pleasure of reading the autobiography of Fanny Crosby. Fanny’s hymns have found their way into great hymn books and, more importantly into the hearts of those who know and love Christ. Blinded as a young girl, she glimpsed with…

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Great Expectations

Charles Dickens’ classic novel Great Expectations is on my Kindle.  I must confess that I have read…and stopped reading the story several times through the years.  It is a strange book.  Pip, the young orphan in the tale, provides insight into the ambition of the human heart. We all have it.  Great expectations. Some would say it is the driving force behind advancement and progress.  Others would admit that it is the root of so much disappointment.  Ours is a day of low expectations.  Sad people have settled for less because something didn’t turn out the way they thought it should. The problem is not great expectations.  The problem is that so often our great expectations are just that – ours.…

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