Enjoying the Journey

Medals and Crowns

Like many people around the world I have watched with great interest the Olympic Games in Rio. Particularly the medal count! It is the talk everywhere I go…Which nation has the most? Will Michael Phelps get another gold? Why are the athletes biting their medals for pictures? For at least a few days it has captured our attention. The pastor where I am preaching this week took me to visit the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center at Fort Benning, GA. It is a truly moving place. We walked through exhibit after exhibit highlighting all of the wars in the history of our great country. I was reminded that the sacrifice of many generations seems to mean little to mine.…

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The Rising Death Toll

I enjoy laughter and love life.  I wish that every thought could be a happy one.  But that is not the world in which we live.  Ours is a day of spiritual warfare.  It seems the attack is stronger than ever and the casualties are great. War is a terrible thing.  Death is inevitable.  In World War I over 16 million people were killed.  More than 75 million in World War II.  1.2 million in the Korean Conflict.  3.8 million in Vietnam.  The death toll continues in the modern War on Terror.  We read the statistics, but it is the realization of one truth that is most staggering: every number was an eternal soul. Stand at the Vietnam Memorial and…

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