Enjoying the Journey

Reflections on our World Mission Conference

We have a lot of conferences and special meetings at Temple Baptist Church and Crown College.  Without a doubt, the meeting we have just concluded was one of the richest and sweetest meetings we have ever enjoyed.  God did a deep work in my heart. Pastor Sexton has said for years, “A great meeting is one in which God speaks to you.”  This was a great meeting. I have learned that the most important times in a special meeting are the days leading up to the meeting and the days immediately following.  It is not the services themselves but the prayer preparation and application afterward that make the difference.  Today has been a day of reflection in my own heart…

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Why this Week has been So Special

Today is a day for rest and reflection after a very busy week.  We have just concluded our annual Baptist Friends Conference.  This is always a special time of reunion with friends and wonderful preaching.  This year was special. I cannot remember a meeting where the Lord’s presence was so strong.  Day after day and message after message the Holy Spirit worked in our hearts.  It was a deep work – convicting, searching, teaching.  God was among us. As I have thought on what made this year’s conference so special, one thought seems to keep surfacing.  It was all about the Lord Jesus Christ.  It was not the preachers.  This conference was not a preaching competition or a platform to…

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A Worldwide Blessing

I have always loved the thought of visiting foreign lands.  My mind is still fresh with memories from my first trip outside of the United States.  It was a thrill to minister in Ghana, West Africa and Cairo, Egypt.  The faces of little children, beautiful children, remain in my thoughts to this day. My dad and I had the privilege of traveling to Ammon, Jordan several years ago to help train Iraqi pastors who would go back and start new churches.  Part of the joy of the journey is spending time with your travel companions.  It was a special thing to be with my dad and best friend for so many days. Tammy and I will always cherish the opportunity…

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