Meet the Whittens


Chase Whitten was born in West Virginia, but much of his youth was spent traveling America training and racing motocross. At the age of twelve Chase would find that true victory was not in winning races, but was in trusting The Lord JESUS Christ as Saviour. Time, training and racing continued on and while living in California at the age of seventeen Chase felt like the Lord was dealing with him about full-time gospel work. Three more 'roller coaster years' of struggles surrendering would pass until August 2007 at twenty years of age Chase yielded his life to the Lord's will.

Upon graduation from Crown College Chase and his wife Joy went into full time itinerant work and raising Financial funds to go to England. While in England they helped establish the West Hill Baptist Chapel and Pastor there for two years. Now back in America Chase and Joy's hearts desire is to see the gospel go further among all people for the glory of God.

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