Enjoying the Journey

Eight months ago we took another step on our own journey with the beginning of the Enjoying The Journey podcast. God has been gracious to give us favor and so many of you have been very kind to join us. We have just crossed the threshold of 95,000 listens to the Bible studies!

Every where I go I am meeting people who are Enjoying The Journey with us and emails from people in different parts of the world have been a great encouragement. Currently we are studying some of the prayers of the New Testament. Our cry is: “Lord, teach us to pray!”

Near the end of September we will begin a brand new series designed to help people make decisions in the will of God. We will share more with you next month about that exciting study and others to come. In addition to the daily podcast Enjoying The Journey is now being heard on a number of traditional and internet radio stations. If you know a radio station that would be interested in airing this 10 minute broadcast Monday-Friday please let us know.

I hope you will continue to share the episodes with others. Our prayer is that the Lord will multiply His Word and glorify His name. You may find more information, listen to archived episodes, make a donation to help with the broadcast, and subscribe at scottpauley.org/broadcast.

Thanks for listening…and thanks for praying!

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