Enjoying the Journey

Last night I finished preaching in another youth conference. These are special meetings and more needed than ever. It was a privilege to have our daughter Morgan with me on this trip. Having teenagers of your own changes your whole perspective!

As I looked at a sea of faces last night, hundreds of young men and young women, I was reminded of something very important – This is our generation to reach and teach for Christ. Fifteen years ago I had a sermon that I preached to young people entitled “This Is My Generation.” At the time, I was part of the same generation as those I was preaching to. I am a little older now and the young generation is now the generation of my children. Should there be any less urgency?

The news is filled with stories of despair and hopelessness. This is our moment! The millennial generation is now the largest generation in our country. They are hungry for something. One author recently observed that they are more like their grandparents generation than their parents; they have an inner desire to make a difference and leave a mark. This is a generation ready for the gospel.

Christ is coming! We may very well serve on the welcoming committee for the Son of God in our lifetime. Time is short. Only believers filled with the Holy Spirit and armed with the Word of God will make a difference. Our hope is not political or moral crusades. It is time to seek God as never before and seek the salvation of those around us.

This generation has more people, more resources, and more open doors than any that has ever lived. We must not miss it. A survey was done some time back on university campuses to ask students what generation they would like to have lived in. The top three answers were: the Victorian era of England, the old wild West, and the roaring 20’s.

Not me. I choose this generation. God chose it for us and we are privileged to live at the end of the age. We may be the last who have the opportunity to reach a generation for Christ. May God help us not to miss what He desires to do in our generation.


  1. Jeff Jones on April 23, 2016 at 11:42 am

    “This is our moment.” I am motivated when I read this. I’ve preached in this truth, “This is my moment.” We’ll not get another. Thanks for doing the work of the Lord. May God help us to use the time we have left for Him.

    • Scott Pauley on April 23, 2016 at 2:02 pm

      Thanks for taking time to read and comment! God bless you and your work.

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