Enjoying the Journey

We all want to live in victory over sin.  The key to victory over sin is learning victory over temptation.  “Resist small beginnings”, a wise man once said.  Deal with the seed and you will not have to overcome a forest of sin’s consequences.

Temptation is a fleshly assault by the enemy.  He appeals to our lust, our pride – our flesh.  It is impossible to combat fleshly temptation with the energy of the flesh.  Pastor Sexton has often said that you must deal, not only with the devil, but the devil’s friends!  He has a friend in me and in you.  Flesh is complicit with the temptation because we desire to please ourselves!

The only way to meet fleshly temptation is with spiritual truth.  Fight on the spiritual level, not the fleshly (2 Corinthians 10:4).  The secret is not trying harder or doing better.  It is seeing the temptation through the lens of truth.

Truth: “This temptation is a Satanic attack on God.”  It is really not about me.  It is about God’s glory.  God’s will.  It is not that I am important; it is that I am important to God.  Satan hates God and knows that sin in my life will grieve the heart of the God who loves me so much He gave His Son for me.  Only when I see the temptation for what it really is can I think of the temptation as I should.

View the temptation from God’s perspective.  Failure is truth seen too late.  It was after David sinned that he confessed to God, “Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight” (Psalm 51:4).  If only we could recognize the sin for what it is before we yield to temptation.  It is an affront to a holy, loving God.

Years ago I remember reading how dogs were trained to keep their eyes on their masters.  Over time it was possible for the dog to become so concentrated on the master that you could hold a treat before him and he would not be distracted.  The dog had learned to look beyond the temptation to see the master.  This is the only way to real victory over temptation.  We cannot overcome by thinking harder about the temptation.  Our victory is found in looking unto Jesus.

Temptation will come.  Sin doesn’t have to.  Keep your eyes on the Master.

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