Enjoying the Journey

A friend and I were enjoying a time of fellowship together just a few days ago.  During the conversation I asked about a man who had been a pastor in the town where I was visiting.  The answer was all too familiar – he was no longer in the ministry but doing very well in business.

And then my friend said something I cannot forget:  “The last time I heard from him he said that life couldn’t be better.”

How is that possible?

I believe the greatest life is the life given to God, the life of obedience to His will.  It is not always the easiest life – in fact it never is!  Following Christ leads to a cross.  But there is joy in that life.

“Life couldn’t be better?”

Money.  Trips.  Toys.  Stuff.  Is that what makes a better life?  That’s it?

Then I heard that Voice that I have learned speaks softly but more emphatically than any other.  The Holy Spirit gently said to me, “But what about eternity?”

Life is but a brief parenthesis before eternity.  Our few years on this planet are just the preface to forever.  If we live our lives for this life alone what will we say when we stand before Jesus?  We must never allow “the American dream” to substitute for eternal reward.

Robert Murray McCheyne advised young preachers to always speak for eternity.  Good advice.  Live every day for the day you will see Christ and the endless day that is coming when we leave this world.

“Life couldn’t be better?”  Nothing in this life could be better than eternity.


  1. southafrica06 on October 11, 2013 at 6:00 pm

    Great reminder!

    Doing Our Reasonable Service,

    K. Hall

  2. Luke Shope on October 11, 2013 at 8:50 pm

    Thank you sir. Just what I needed today!

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