Enjoying the Journey

Rest is not a dirty word. It is, in fact, essential to all good work. God instituted rest before the fall of man. It is hardwired into creation and indispensable to man. Rest for spirit, soul, and body is designed to bring us nearer to the God who created us! If Adam needed rest before he sinned, how much more does man need it now. God’s people need the rest that only God can give.

The Preacher’s Rest is not designed to merely give men a retreat. It is a meeting to help us find our rest in God – the rest that He gives in the midst of our labor. Preachers who are not tired are probably not working very hard! But we must learn what to do in our weariness.

Last year nearly a hundred preachers and preacher’s wives joined us for The Preacher’s Rest. The presence of God and fellowship with one another was such a refreshment to us all! We are expecting a great time this year on September 2-4 and would like for you to join us.

Set aside Monday, “Labor Day” evening, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning to be part of The Preacher’s Rest! You can find more details and register online at thepreachersrest.com. The first 30 preachers to register who were not with us last year will receive a jump drive containing 16 sessions from the 2018 Preacher’s Rest.

Tammy and I, along with Pastor Scott and Melanie Hooks, look forward to seeing you in Hickory, NC later this year. May God continue to bless you and your labor for souls.


  1. Gary Warren on March 28, 2019 at 9:01 pm

    Praying for you, Bro. Hooks, and all the leaders and staff involved in this second annual Preacher’s Rest meeting. Thank you for your ministry to preachers and ministry staff – May the Lord continue to bless these series of meetings!

    • Scott Pauley on April 5, 2019 at 12:46 pm

      Thank you for helping us and praying for us! Grateful for your friendship.

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